Canson® Infinity Platine Fibre Rag 310 gsm - Satin

Canson® Infinity Platine Fibre Rag is the combination of the premium 100% cotton Platinum paper that Canson has supplied for many years to the original Platinum and Platine photographic market, with the latest microporous coating, making the traditional darkroom paper now available for your digital printing. 

Setting the benchmark for Digital Darkroom papers, Platine Fibre Rag provides the aesthetic and feel of the original F-Type Baryta Fibre paper, having a true pure white tone without using optical brighteners that are known to affect the longevity of digitally produced images. 

Platine Fibre Rag’s extremely high Dmax and exceptional grey tones make it the product of choice for the more discerning black and white as well as colour photographic prints.

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For the Platine Fibre Rag product
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Reference Format Packaging  
C400110600 5" x 7"
12.7 x 17.8 cm
Box - 25 sheets
C206211030 8.5" x 11" Pochette - 10 sheets*
C206211031 8.5" x 11" Box - 25 sheets*
C206211032 11" x 17" Box - 25 sheets*
C206211038 13" x 19" Box - 25 sheets*
C206211034 17" x 22" Box 25 - sheets*
C206211035 A4 Pochette - 10 sheets
C206211036 A4 Box - 25 sheets
C206211037 A3 Box - 25 sheets
C206211038 A3+ Box - 25 sheets
C206211039 A2 Box - 25 sheets
C206212010 17" x 50'
0.432 x 15.24m
1 roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C206212012 24" x 50'
0.610 x 15.24m
1 roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C206212013 36" x 50'
0.914 x 15.24m
1 roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C206212014 44" x 50'
1.118 x 15.24m
1 Roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C200006562 60" x 50'
1.524 x 15.24m
1 Roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core

*US only

For the Platine Fibre Rag product
Weight (gsm) 310
Thickness (um) 395
Surface feel Smooth
Surface finish Satin
Composition 100% cotton
CIE Whiteness 89,12
Acid free paper Yes
OBA content None
Drying time Immediate
Water resistance High
ISO 2471 Opacity 99.30
Internally buffered Yes
Additional comments

- Paper base meet the requirement of ISO 9706
- Optimised for pigmented inks. Compatible with dye inks.

For the Platine Fibre Rag product
NORTH 1 2015 © Les Walkling See gallery
Les Walkling

Canson® Infinity Platine Fibre Rag is my favourite paper bar none. In fact, I can’t image there is a more beautiful nor sustaining paper anywhere in the entire universe. No words can completely describe the extraordinary success I have when printing my images on Platine. Its luxurious base is so strong yet relaxed and yielding, supports a most exquisite surface that my images simply leap off. The most common compliment my Platine prints receive is ‘where is the light coming from’ for it appears to radiate from the inner heart of the paper itself. You could be excused for turning the print over and ‘looking for the batteries’, so strong and pervasive is this brilliant effect. Platine’s depth, presence, luminosity and dimensionality, and overall pictorial richness transform my pictures before my eyes into remarkable works that capture hearts and minds. Seeing is believing, and with Platine I have truly ‘seen the light’. Without Platine I would still make satisfying and affecting pictures, but with Platine my work becomes a ‘marriage made in heaven’.

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