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Canson® Infinity presents: A Guide to photographers, how to best store a print on Canson® Infinity papers

July 2019

The fine art papers of Canson® Infinity are recognized for their longevity, whether printing for expositions in museums or galleries, professional or personal use. Canson® Infinity explains the main points to keep in mind to optimize the storage of prints


Canson® Infinity helps to cherish the holiday memories through long-lasting prints on fine art papers

June 2019

Canson Infinity® offers photographers worldwide the occasion to win an exclusive online workshop with one of their ambassadors this summer, providing expertise advise on travel photography and how to best print.


Palm Springs Photo Festival 2019

May 2019

Canson® Infinity showcases innovation and experience at the Palm Springs Photo Festival. 
The Canson® Infinity booth, samples for attendees, and a strategic alliance with Cheryl Walsh position this heritage brand as an ongoing Influencer.


Printing tips: ICC profiles made easy by Canson® Infinity

April 2019

ICC profiles, also known as colour profiles, are arguably the most important part of colour management. Adapted to each specific printer and paper, Canson® Infinity explains how to use them properly to get the best print results.




Canson® Infinity presents new ambassador Tania Franco Klein

February 2019

From photographers to painters and designers, Canson® has always closely collaborated with artists to offer products meet their exacting requirements. The latest addition to the Ambassador programme is Tania Franco Klein, Mexican artist, architect and photographer, selected for her very high standard of photography and her influence in the industry.



A Guide to photographers by Canson® Infinity: 3 main qualities to look for when choosing fine art papers for prints

December 2018

Finding the right paper for any artistic project can be a challenge. Canson® Infinity explains the main qualities to look for when choosing the right fine art paper and why it makes such a difference to the story the artist wants to convey.



Did you know: 1,7 trillion photos are taken per year Canson® Infinity presents 3 reasons to print in the digital age

October 2018

As a society, we now produce more photographs than ever before with an enormous volume of photographs being taken digitally (1.7 trillion images captured globally through 2017 ). Many of the photos will be shared on social media, but many more will simply be forgotten, lost in the vast database of imagery. Canson® Infinity presents 3 reasons to print in the current age.


Choose the best print for a portfolio or art book: Canson® Infinity presents Rag photographique, as the ideal paper for aspiring artists and photographers

September 2018

When it comes to printing a portfolio or an art book, choosing the right medium for your pictures is essential



Canson® Infinity ambassadors worldwide: talented artists, paper lovers and titans in their fields

September 2018

Canson® Infinity deeply values its partnership with talented and renowned photographers and artist worldwide who, besides their love of photography and fine art, also share the passion of Canson Inifinity for fine art printing. 



Discover the «Canson® Infinity Certified Print Lab Program» - guarantee of premium quality printing for photographers

June 2018

«Canson® Infinity Certified Print Lab» is a collection of ‘best-in-class’ print labs and studios that offer a premium standard of print quality and service. The program has been established to ensure that photographers are able to have their prints made to a consistent standard on premium quality fine art and photo paper from Canson® Infinity.



Wedding photography tips from Canson Infinity: How to transform magical wedding moments into long lasting and cherished memories for several generations

June 2018

Celebrated wedding photographer Rocco Ancora and fine art printing expert, named one of the Top Ten Photographers in the world by American Photo publication, shares his expertise on what is important for wedding photography and the importance of printing your memories on papers, proven to stand the test of time.



On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, EFTI inaugurates Modos de Mirar, a harmonious exhibition featuring its most outstanding alumni, in collaboration with Canson Infinity

May 2018

The exhibition will take place in Madrid from May 30 to October 28 at the Conde Duque Cultural Center, featuring the works of Manu Brabo, Cristina García Rodero, Alberto García Alix, Jane Evelyn Atwood, and many other well-known artists that will bring the viewer to see the world through their eyes. All artwork presented in the exhibition have been produced on Baryta Prestige paper (340g) by Canson® Infinity...



Canson® Infinity is delighted to welcome a new Italian ambassador: Marianna Santoni

May 2018

From photographers to painters and designers, Canson® has always closely collaborated with artists in offer to offer products that better fill their needs. From now on, Canson® Infinity will also have the delight to work with Marianna Santoni, selected for her very high standard of photography and her influence in the industry of photography.



Discover the Canson® Infinity range of “Mould Made” art reproduction papers, ideal for fine art prints and photographs

April 2018

Delivering a unique and unequalled character to art reproductions and photograph, the PrintMaking Rag (310gsm), Aquarelle Rag (310gsm and 240gsm) and Velin Museum Rag (315gsm and 250gsm) are all prestigious references in the Canson® Infinity range of fine art papers.
By printing on the same paper as the master print, it is possible to achieve the same nuance and legitimacy to the final print...



Discover the Canson® Infinity range of digital darkroom papers, setting the benchmark for fine art inkjet papers

March 2018

Baryta Prestige, Baryta Photographique and Platine Fibre Rag are all prestigious references in the Canson® Infinity range of digital darkroom fine art papers.