Canson® Infinity Baryta Prestige 340gsm - Baryta Gloss

Canson® wins the prestigious TIPA 2017 award for the best inkjet photographic paper.

Canson® Infinity Baryta Prestige 340gsm is comprised of an acid-free alpha-cellulose and cotton white paper base with a true barium sulphate coating. It is a smooth Baryta Gloss paper which evokes the look and aesthetic feel of traditional darkroom papers. 

The paper characteristics are truly unique: providing excellent durability, outstanding black optical density (D-max), and superb image sharpness. The paper offers a good level of flatness, excellent surface homogeneity, very good cuttability, and its printed and non-printed surfaces differ only very slightly in glossiness. It offers an extraordinary wide gamut which improves colour reproduction and increases visual impact.

Canson® Infinity Baryta Prestige is an innovative product for the more discerning photographer and printmaker, whether creating black and white or colour archival prints.

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For the Baryta Prestige product
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Reference Format Packaging  
C400083831 A4 Box - 25 sheets
C400083930 A3 Box - 25 sheets
C400083931 A3+
13" x 19''
Box - 25 sheets
C400083932 A2 Box - 25 sheets
C400083933 8,5 x 11" Box - 25 sheets*
C400083934 11 x 17" Box - 25 sheets*
C400083935 17 x 22" Box - 25 sheets*
C400083936 17'' x 50'
0,432 x 15,24m
1 roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C400083954 24" x 50'
0,610 x 15,24m
1 roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C400083981 24" x 10'
0,610 x 3,05m
Sample roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C400083957 36'' x 50'
0,914 x 15,24m
1 roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C400083958 44" x 50'
1,118 x 15,24m
1 roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C400083959 50'' x 50'
1,270 x 15,24m
1 roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core

*US only

For the Baryta Prestige product
Weight (gsm) 340
Thickness (um) 370
Surface feel Extra smooth
Surface finish Gloss
Composition Alpha-cellulose and cotton
CIE Whiteness 112
Acid free paper Yes
OBA content Very low
Drying time Immediate
Water resistance High
ISO 2471 Opacity 99
Internally buffered Yes
Additional comments

- Paper base permanence meets the ISO 9706 requirements.   
- Contains barium sulphate
- Optimised for pigmented inks. Compatible with dye inks.

For the Baryta Prestige product
Hôtel See gallery
Alain Guillemaud

Even before printing - indeed right from the moment you take it out of its box - it is clear to see that Canson sought to create a resilient paper. Made with optimal thickness and perfect flatness, its look alone places it amongst the highest-end papers.
But the biggest surprise comes before printing - this paper resembles traditional baryta paper with the elegance of the lovely photographic paper of years past. It is smooth and slightly shiny, and provides for outstanding results in both colour and black and white.
Much to my satisfaction, it features a high optical density and meets the durability requirements of standard ISO 9706. 
This beautiful paper was designed for photography lovers and those who value the photographic object that is the "print".

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