Canson® Infinity Baryta Photographique II 310 gsm - Satin

The next generation of Baryta Photographique, offers photographers and printers the opportunity of creating a photograph with the true look and feel of a traditional darkroom print with improved handling and finishing characteristics.
Baryta Photographique II has a true 100% barium sulphate layer (baryta) which offers exceptional contrast and detail as well as a wide colour gamut. The product has an extremely high D-Max (black point) to produce black and white images with depth and clarity and colour images with vibrancy and intensity. The new generation product has a more structured surface aspect which is reminiscent of the traditional fibre-based darkroom papers and a fine satin finish.
With excellent handling characteristics, Baryta Photographique II can be used in a wide range of applications and is offered in sheets and rolls up to 60” wide.

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For the Baryta Photographique II product
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Reference Format Packaging  
C400110544 5" x 7"
12.7 x 17.8 cm
Box - 25 sheets
C400110545 8.5" x 11" Pochette - 10 sheets*
C400110546 8.5" x 11" Box - 25 sheets*
C400110547 A4 Pochette - 10 sheets
C400110548 A4 Box - 25 sheets
C400110549 11" x 17"
27,9 x 43,2 cm
Box - 25 sheets*
C400110550 A3 Box - 25 sheets
C400110551 13”x 19”
Box - 25 sheets
C400110552 A2 Box - 25 sheets
C400110553 17" x 22"
43.2 x 55.9 cm
Box - 25 sheets*
C400110554 17" x 50'
0.432 x 15.24m
1 roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C400110555 24" x 50'
0.610 x 15.24m
1 roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C400110556 36" x 50'
0.914 x 15.24m
1 roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C400110557 44" x 50'
1.118 x 15.24m
1 roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C400110558 50" x 50'
1.270 x 15.24m
1 roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C400110575 60" x 50' 
1.524 x 15.24m
1 roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core

*US only

For the Baryta Photographique II product
Weight (gsm) 310
Thickness (um) 305
Surface feel Extra smooth
Surface finish Satin
Composition 100% alpha-cellulose
CIE Whiteness 96,30
Acid free paper Yes
OBA content Very low
Drying time Immediate
Water resistance High
ISO 2471 Opacity 98
Internally buffered Yes
Additional comments

- Paper base meet the requirement of ISO 9706
- Contains barium sulphate
- Optimised for pigmented inks. Compatible with dye inks.

For the Baryta Photographique II product
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Robert Rodriguez JR
"The new Baryta Photographique II has the same beautiful qualities I’ve always loved about Baryta - silky smoothness, rich blacks, and wonderful color depth- and the new version improves on that in a subtle and nuanced way. If you loved the original Baryta, you’ll love version II even more  And if you’ve never tried it, it's definitely worth consideration for those images where you want to make a powerful statement with a look reminiscent of a traditional dark room print. Version II is a step forward in every way for sure."

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