Canson® Infinity ARCHES® BFK Rives® Pure White 310gsm - Matte

BFK Rives® Pure White is a 100% cotton paper which has a perfectly balanced soft grain that brings out the detail in every image. This unique printmaking paper base is manufactured on a traditional cylinder mould press at the ARCHES® paper mill, one of the oldest papermakers in France. As a result of using 100% cotton and the time-honoured manufacturing process, the paper has a very soft and supple feel. The paper has a pure white tone and is completely free of any optical brighteners (OBAs).
The unique inkjet receiving layer produces prints with superb colour rendition, deep blacks and pure whites offering photographers, artists and printmakers the opportunity to create images with superb tonal range, excellent highlights and mid-tones.
BFK Rives® Pure White is a prestigious paper and offers artists, printmakers and photographers alike the ability to create digital fine art prints on an authentic ARCHES® paper for both limited and open edition work. 

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For the ARCHES® BFK Rives® Pure White product
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Reference Format Packaging  
C400110679 8.5" x 11" Pochette - 10 sheets*
C400110680 8.5" x 11" Box - 25 sheets*
C400110683 11" x 17"
27,9 x 43,2 cm
Box - 25 sheets*
C400110687 17" x 22"
43.2 x 55.9 cm
Box - 25 sheets*
C400110681 A4 Pochette - 10 sheets
C400110682 A4 Box - 25 sheets
C400110684 A3 Box - 25 sheets
C400110685 13”x 19”
Box - 25 sheets
C400110686 A2 Box - 25 sheets
C400110688 17" x 50'
0.432 x 15.24m
1 Roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C400110689 24" x 10'
0,432 x 3,05m
1 Sample Roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C400110690 24" x 50'
0.610 x 15.24m
1 Roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C400110691 36" x 50'
0.914 x 15.24m
1 Roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C400110692 44" x 50'
1.118 x 15.24m
1 Roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
*USA only

For the ARCHES® BFK Rives® Pure White product

Weight (gsm) 310
Thickness (um) 505
Surface feel Soft textured
Surface finish Matt
Composition 100% cotton
CIE Whiteness 97,26
ISO 2471 Opacity 99,12
Internally buffered Yes
Acid free paper Yes
OBA content None
Drying time Immediate
Water resistance High
Additional comments - Mould made : the finest and oldest paper-making technic
- Optimized for Pigment inks

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