It’s important and very useful to define what we mean by a “good" print.
What separates a mediocre or average print from a great, captivating print? Robert shows example prints and what to look for.
Presented by Robert Rodriguez Jr in englishenglish See his/her gallery See his/her gallery
Late Season in Antarctica Late Season in Antarctica
Presented by Peter Eastway Anglais
Perspective, Creativity & Aerial Perspective, Creativity & Aerial
Presented by Tony Hewitt Anglais

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  • Canson Infinity Baryta Prestige

    Baryta Prestige

    Canson® Infinity Baryta Prestige 340gsm is comprised of an acid-free alpha-cellulose and cotton white paper base with a true barium sulphate coating. It is a smooth Baryta Gloss paper which evokes the look and aesthetic feel of traditional darkroom papers. 
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  • PrintMaKing Rag

    Canson® Infinity PrintMaKing Rag has a unique pure white without optical brighteners and an incomparable, fine and silky touch.
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