2 November 2015

"Paradise Lost" Norwegian fine art photography opening at THREE SHADOWS PHOTOGRAPHIC ART CENTER in Beijing 14 Nov. 2015

For almost twenty years Christian Houge has used photography and film as tools in his art projects. He has been drawn to explore themes relating to nature and culture that have dealt with taboos arising from the juxtaposition of man and environment, and ultimately ourselves. In exploring this relation between nature and culture, he touches upon the human condition.
At the moment, Houge is well into a large China tour with his extensive exhibition "Paradise Lost". The concept "Paradise Lost" derives from the late poet John Milton and revolves around how Man lost his innocence with nature.
The three series shown (in all 85 images and three films) are made over the past fifteen years of extensive work. "Arctic Technology" 2000-2015, "Barentsburg" 2000-2015 and "Shadow Within" 2011-2013 are all represented in this non-profit museum tour and has been funded partly by the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing, The Norwegian Artist Council and private sponsors.
This tour stands out in China because of its content, size and content of awareness. All three series in the exhibition represents three sides of Norway dialectically, which the Chinese can very much relate to when it comes to our current ecological crisis. The exhibition has already been seen by over 100 000 visitors with considerable response.
Houge invites the viewer into the borderlands that exist between the artificial order of the human race and our relation to our surroundings both physically and metaphorically.
Climate and the consequences of Mans impact, relation and conflict on the planet is defining in these projects.

Christian Houge is based in his native Oslo where he lives and works.
"Paradise Lost" will open 14 November 2015 at
Three Shadows Photography Art Centre

155A Caochangdi, Chaoyang District
Beijing 100015

For more info:
Tel: + 86 10 6432 2663