USA Workshop 11 March 2020

Eric Joseph presents 'What you don't know that you need to know' print workshop

Discover the Printing MasterClass of Eric Joseph to learn and improve your skills


Come spend the evening with Eric Joseph of FreeStyle Photographic & Imaging Supplies  to learn the Basics that you Never knew that you needed to know!! There is more to a 'Print' than just the ink and pressing 'PRINT'.

As photographers we Travel to Far-Away locations, we Co-ordinate make-up, wardrobe, client locations and times, we get the best gear spend hours lost in Photoshop land and in the end most of us JUST PRESS PRINT. 

Your IMAGES DESERVE SO MUCH MORE, Eric is the man to show you how easy that 'MORE' is.

Printing MasterClass by Print Guru Eric Joseph at the California Center for Digital Arts


Date :
11th of March 2020 

California Center for Digital Arts
207 N Broadway ste c,
Santa Ana,
CA 92701,

Website :