Japan Gallery 27 July - 07 August 2023

Photographer, Masataka Komori, has been exploring the relationship between the Japanese history, culture, and cats for 13 years. - 写真家の小森正孝は日本の歴史や文化と猫の関係性を13年間取材し続けている。

The history and culture of Japan have always had a close relationship with cats. One reason for the widespread presence of cats in Japan is said to be their arrival on ships when Buddhism was introduced, so as to protect scriptures and other texts from rat damage. 
This time, the theme of the photo exhibition is cats in shrines and temples. The exhibition features photographs that showcase the historical narratives and stories of each shrine and temple, including those mentioned in the Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters), temples that spread Buddhist culture throughout the country, sites related to the arrival of the Black Ships, and even those established during the Heisei era. 
Art direction for the 50 artworks was provided by Kan Mimura, and works printed exclusively on Canson® Infinity Platine Fibre Rag by AfloAtelier, a Canson® Infinity certified lab.




Masataka Komori photo exhibition - 「神様・仏様・おねこ様」 小森 正孝 写真展


東京都新宿区西新宿 1-24-1 エステック情報ビル B1F


Masataka Komori



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