Italy Gallery 23 June - 30 September

Maurizio Gabbana's latest exhibition features a selection of dramatic and moving urban images printed on Canson Infinity Baryta Prestige

The exhibition consists of a series of shots made with the digital technique characteristic of Maurizio Gabbana, who photographed the monumental scenarios of Italian cities and some foreign metropolises producing images full of a metaphysical atmosphere, in which the most emblematic squares and places they are often lonely, without the human figure appearing there. A stylistic choice, which has no relation to the time of the pandemic, but which in retrospect can resemble a sort of space / time transfiguration of the images that the drones produced of our cities during the lockdown .
Maurizio Gabbana, born in 1956, was discovered by the art historian and professor of art history in Brera Rolando Bellini, who says about the photographer: “Maurizio is interested in and spends on this: a photographic ecstasy. It accounts for it in unique terms. Hence the meaning and added value of his presence. Photographic ecstasy that translates, shot after shot, into an unprecedented visual perception that vibrates with a peculiar aesthetic instance ". His reference models belong largely to the world of painting, with long studies on the techniques of light representation by artists such as Caravaggio and Rembrandt, and with precise aesthetic references to the scenographic and illusionistic language of the Baroque. 

Italian photographer, Maurizio Gabbana, presents Dynamiche Infinite in Milan

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