‘For me, the printed image represents the culmination of a process that has gone through concept, capture and, finally, realisation. The print itself is the most important aspect of the whole process as that is what the viewer will see. No-one will know that you may have spent months, even years waiting for the conditions to be right, but everyone will gain a first impression from the visual print in front of them. I feel privileged to be able to produce my work using the Canson Infinity range, especially the Platine Fibre Rag 310 and the Rag Photographique 310. These papers offer a superb tonal range, great depth of colour and a level of detail that is exceptional.’
Chris Ceaser is a professional landscape photographer based out of his gallery in York, U.K., which he opened in 2013.
His prints have been exhibited at galleries and exhibitions across the U.K., and the images have been used for magazine and book covers, calendars, and for commercial use. Having gained a 1st class honours degree in Spanish Language in 2005, with the intention of becoming a teacher, he made the switch to full time photography later that year.
An associate of the Royal Photographic Society, he runs a series of small group residential photographic workshops across the U.K and in Europe and delivers a range of photography related talks in clubs and societies in the north of England and London.
In 2019 he was shortlisted for British Photographer Of The Year, and received a number of ‘Honourable Mentions’ in the ‘Prix De La Photographie Paris’, and the ‘ND Awards’.
His website : www.chrisceaser.co.uk

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