Netherlands Gallery 04 July - 15 September 2024

Saskia Boelsums holds a solo exhibition at Stadtmuseum Schleswig, Schleswig, Germany printed exclusively on Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag

The works of the Dutch artist Saskia Boelsums are impressive with their unmistakable signature: overwhelming and picturesque, profound and mystical. They show the beauty of the vast Dutch landscapes, the pale reflection of moonlight on a frozen lake, the golden glow of a grain field in late summer, a transparent green wave in a grey, stormy sea. The artist's works are reminiscent of artists such as Meindert Hobbema, Jacob Van Ruisdael, Vincent Van Gogh and Willem Maris. The famous Dutch sky with its flat horizon can be experienced in Boelsum's art just as much as in the images of Dutch and Flemish painting from the 17th century onwards. As Saskia's focus is not on documentary work, but rather on her personal perception and interpretation of a landscape she goes far beyond the image concept of classic photography in her art. Saskia creates her own realities in her works by artistically post-processing the images she takes in nature in the studio: for weeks, sometimes months. Pixel by pixel. In this way, Saskia Boelsums condenses the essence of her experiences in her poetic images so the view can experience them through her eyes..

Saskia Boelsums was born in Nieuwer-Amstel in the Netherlands. She grew up in Iran and Curaçao. She studied graphic and spatial design at the Minerva Academy in Groningen and has been working as a landscape photographer or, as she puts it herself: as an artist with a camera, since 2013. Her work is represented in numerous art collections. In 2020, Saskia Boelsums was named Artist of the Year in the Netherlands.

Canson Infinity Ambassador Saskia Boelsums announces solo exhibition

Event Address : Stadtmuseum Schleswig, Schleswig, Germany



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