Somerset® Enhanced range

Canson® Infinity is delighted to announce the introduction of the latest range of digital fine art matt papers. Produced at the renowned St Cuthberts Mill, in England, the Somerset Enhanced portfolio offers photographers, artists and printmakers, the opportunity to produce art reproduction limited or open edition prints on a range of papers produced by artisan papermakers. Dating back to 1736, the St Cuthberts Mill has been producing paper for centuries and today, using the traditional mouldmade process, manufacturers the Somerset range of papers.

Used by traditional printmakers for time honoured techniques such as intaglio, stone litho, screen printing and relief, a proprietary coating, using the latest technology, has been applied to the traditional base to create the Somerset Enhanced digital fine art range. This unique coating gives the final digital fine art print excellent depth and clarity of colour, superb sharpness and detail, with a smooth tonal range.

Created without the use of optical brightening agents (OBAs), these papers have a natural white tone, have a 100% cotton base and are available in a range of aesthetics from a smooth satin finish, a soft grain velvet and a traditional watercolour texture. The Somerset Enhanced range is designed to complement the existing fine art papers in the Canson Infinity range.


The Somerset Enhanced portfolio