Wilcovak bv in the Netherlands cooperates well together with Canson® Infinity.
The reason is that the new digital media compared to analog media is now daily in use for mounting into Diasec®. Worlds first and unsurpassed process for mounting in plexiglas.
In search for suitable printmedia to be used with Diasec®, it appeared that papers of Canson® Infinity turned out well in the Diasec® process. Together with the premium longevity properties of both brands, Wilcovak is able to serve their clients with a high quality product that is appreciated by high demanding artists, galleries and museums.
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  • Platine Fibre Rag

    今日,Canson® Infinity Platine Fibre Rag则成为了这种传统涂钡相纸的数字化替代品,它结合了传统摄影相纸的品质和先进的喷墨打印涂层技术。
  • Rag Photographique

    康颂® Infinity Rag Photographique 是一种100%纯棉、具有博物馆品质的打印纸张,用于数码艺术出版和摄影。它不同寻常的白色是在生产过程中通过添加天然矿物质而获得的。