Canson® Infinity ARCHES® Aquarelle Rag 310gsm - Matte

ARCHES® Aquarelle is recognised by artists as one of the most prestigious watercolour papers with a history that spans many centuries. ARCHES® master papermakers have been producing very high-quality fine art papers since 1492, and today ARCHES® is the only paper mill in France using a traditional cylinder mould process for all its papers, including ARCHES® Aquarelle Rag. Using the traditional watercolour base, the paper has an even natural grain and a felt-marked finish. ARCHES® Aquarelle Rag is manufactured using 100% cotton which contributes to the paper’s natural beauty and feel. The pure white base does not contain any optical brightening agents (OBAs). 
The unique inkjet receiving layer produces prints with superb colour rendition, deep blacks and pure whites offering photographers, artists and printmakers the opportunity to create images with superb tonal range, excellent highlights and mid-tones.
ARCHES® Aquarelle Rag is a prestigious paper and offers artists, printmakers and photographers alike the ability to create digital fine art prints on an authentic ARCHES® paper for both limited and open edition work.

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製品ARCHES® Aquarelle Ragについて…
Reference Format Packaging  
C400110650 5" x 7" Box - 25 sheets
C400110651 8.5" x 11" Pochette - 10 sheets*
C400110652 8.5" x 11" Box - 25 sheets*
C400110655 11" x 17"
27,9 x 43,2 cm
Box - 25 sheets*
C400110659 17" x 22"
43.2 x 55.9 cm
Box - 25 sheets*
C400110653 A4 Pochette - 10 sheets
C400110654 A4 Box - 25 sheets
C400110656 A3 Box - 25 sheets
C400110657 13”x 19”
Box - 25 sheets
C400110658 A2 Box - 25 sheets
C400110660 17" x 50'
0.432 x 15.24m
1 Roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C400110661 24" x 10'
0.610x 3.05m
1 Sample Roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C400110662 24" x 50'
0.610 x 15.24m
1 Roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C400110663 36" x 50'
0.914 x 15.24m
1 Roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core
C400110664 44" x 50'
1.118 x 15.24m
1 Roll - 3" (7.62cm) Core

*USA only

製品ARCHES® Aquarelle Ragについて…
坪量 (g/m²) 310
厚み (um) 530
表面 テクスチャ
表面仕上げ マット
原材料 100%コットン
CIEホワイトネス 96,76
無酸性紙 該当
OBA系構造は区財 不使用
乾燥までの時間 即時
不透明度ISO2471 99,20
アルカリリザーブ 該当

- Mould made : the finest and oldest paper-making technic
- Optimized for Pigment inks


  • Aquarelle Rag

    Canson® Infinity Aquarelle Rag は、絵画の複製や写真のプリントにおいて他にはない抜群の効果を発揮します。 
  • PrintMaKing Rag

    コットン帆布100%で円型をしたこの用紙は、Canson® InfinityDigital Fine Art & Photo シリーズからお求めいただけます。Canson® Infinity PrintMaKing Ragは、蛍光増白剤を一切用いない、純粋でオリジナルな白色と、この上なく薄い、柔らかな手触りを備えています。