Canon? Epson? HP? The big deluxe printer brands are known the world over. Each one has its advantage, whether it's the number of cartridges, the quality of the ink, the range of settings, the printing speed, or even the lack of noise during printing!  

Compare the different printer models according to your needs

You should compare several models against a list of your needs, in order to find the printer that's right for you.
One thing you should be careful to note is the resolution of the printed document, as resolution makes a big difference to quality. The number of cartridges is also important: the more cartridges you have, the more subtle finishes you can achieve (matt, high-shine, etc.).
It's also useful to think about whether there are enough different size formats to meet your needs. If you will be printing in large quantities, can the trays hold enough paper?

ICC profiles: a must-have tool for high-quality photo printing

Once you've chosen your printer, it's important to configure it properly, so that your photos will be printed at optimal quality. To make the configurations, you'll need to download the printer's ICC profile.
This is a digital file that professional printers use to ensure a printed document's colours closely match those of the original file. Several pieces of information are needed in order to draw up an ICC profile. The brand and model of printer are obviously important, but so is the type of paper being used. The aim is to achieve the perfect combination of printer and paper, in order to produce top-quality photos.
You can download ICC profiles for your printers on the Canson® Infinity website:
ICC Profile & Colour Calibration For Your Printer​

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