For their most beautiful photos, people increasingly opt for fine art printing. But what does this designation mean?

Fine art printing, a professional quality print

When photography becomes an art, certain specific printing techniques are used to enhance the image and obtain high-end quality referred to as "fine art photography".
A fine art print requires a combination of three elements to accentuate the photograph and increase its durability: 
  • Fine art paper;
  • Pigment-based inks;
  • Professional-quality work.

Many photography and art professionals, such as galleries and museums, request fine art prints. The quality of fine art prints is equivalent to and even surpasses that of silver photographic prints. 

The combination of fine art paper and inks

Fine art paper is professional quality paper for printing photographs, and is composed of natural fibres: most frequently cotton or alpha cellulose. 
The coated side of fine art paper, i.e. the part of the paper which receives the pigments during printing, must likewise be perfect to ensure the colours are firmly set and the ink is optimally preserved for the long term.
Fine art paper comes in a variety of different styles, each containing distinct fibres, texture and porosity types to give the paper its specific characteristics.
To ensure perfect print quality, the choice of inks is also important for fine art printing. The pigments should be well-distributed on the paper, adhering properly with no bleeding. The type of ink should be carefully selected according to the type of fine art paper. It is the combination of both these elements that guarantees a perfect quality print for prestigious photographic work.
Fine art printing is therefore the combination of several elements that work together to obtain a prestigious photo. For this reason, it is recommended you seek the assistance of a professional printer. A professional printer will be able to advise you on the choice of paper and type of printing, and will respect each of the steps in the print process to provide you with a perfect image.

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