Diasec is a patented method of conserving Fine Art photos for 100 years. Your image is printed, then a fine layer of acrylic resin is applied to the surface without distorting the colour or appearance of the paper.

Diasec: how does it work​?

The Fine Art photo is printed onto the paper or canvas of your choice.
A transparent methacrylate plates is then placed on top of it. Adhesion takes place chemically when two liquid components come into contact. There are therefore no dust, air bubbles or visible traces of glue.
To avoid any transparency effect, a black Plexiglas plate can be placed behind the photo or a Dibond mount.

What are the advantages of Diasec?

The Diasec process has two advantages.
On the one hand it protects your Fine Art photos without distorting the image. Both the colours and the effects desired with selecting a paper on which to print are thus preserved. What's more, it protects your photographs against UV rays, scratches and other damage: it is more resistant to such abuse than glass.

On the other hand, this process really lets you present your work in its best light. It is for good reason that museums and galleries value it so much. 
The polished edges produce a perfect finish, while the process emphasizes the colours, contrasts and details of your work.

You can also find a video on Diasec in the Canson® Infinity E-academy.

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