In order to guarantee you perfect quality when printing your photos, Epson introduced the Digigraphie Label. You can thus be sure of the quality, durability and respect for your work.

The Digigraphie Label: a partnership between Epson and Canson® Infinity​

In the same way that the Canson® Infinity Certified Print Lab certification allows you to recognise a professional who will provide you with the best products and the best advice regarding your Fine Art prints, the Digigraphie label by Epson means that you can be sure that your printer is using the best machines to print your photos.

A Fine Art print requires the assets of a quality quality printer just as much as it requires an excellent media. This label indicates that your prints have been produced in accordance with a number of criteria: 
  • The use of a certified Fine Art media;
  • The use of UltraChrome or UltraChrome K3 ink;
  • Photo printed using a certified professional Epson Stylus Pro.

A label that guarantees you an optimal quality Fine Art print​

With the premium product by Canson® Infinity and professional printers, you can rest assured that your work will be respected. Your Fine Art prints will have maximum longevity and will be of the most beautiful quality possible.

To find out more about the various labels and certifications implemented throughout the world by Canson® Infinity or to discover all of our products for Fine Art prints, feel free to contact your certified Canson® Infinity photo lab. These photographic craftsmen apply their extensive expertise to really enhance your work.

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