With both black and white and colour photographs, the blacks have a great importance in photography and play a part in image intensity.

Black and white to convey light

While whites are expressed through the paper colour, blacks are the result of a mixture of the inks (or pigments) and the photographic paper. 
It is the contrast between the black and white that allows the light in the photo to be adjusted, after the shot was taken. Fine art prints allow the obtention of very intense blacks and thus bring much contrast to the photograph.

Movement from contrast

In photography, it is the intensity of the blacks and thus, the resulting contrast in comparison with the whites, that reveals the intensity of a gaze, the strength of a movement or the power of an emotion.
The quality of a black in photography also allows the image to become understandable by making the main elements and themes in a photo stand out.

Be careful when printing

At the time of printing the photo, it is important to be careful of the quality of the printer, as well as the paper selected. In fact, the intensity of the blacks can vary from one machine to another and even differ depending on the paper. For example, a paper such as
Canson® Infinity Baryta Prestige 340 g/m² will provide very intense blacks.
To obtain the best result, don't hesitate to discuss your requirements with the photo professional at your local Canson® Infinity lab. He or she will be able to advise you and even adjust the contrast in your photo to guarantee a high-quality print.

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