20 October 2016

Bengaluru, October 2016: A photo exhibition on Himalayas, named “The high Himalaya - A reverence" is organized at ITC Windsor India (25, Windsor Square, Golf Course Road, Bengalaru, Karnataka) from 21st October 2016 to 30th October 2016.

"A picture speaks a thousand words, they say and that is true.
In Krishanu's case, it is a two-fold truth. When he clicks a picture, it tells you story, not just about the moment or place where it was taken, but also about the person himself."
A collection of 36 images of Himalayas shot over the period of 16 years printed on Canson® Infinity Museum ProCanvas 385gsm will be on display at this exhibit.
On this journey, you see all these images, which lend to the fantasy of being on the way to the Emerald city, which is what the Himalayas are. That is the place of magic, of surreal beauty. And when you see the first rays of the sun bathe the snow-capped peaks, it’s almost like the Wizard has granted your wish.
For more information:
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