Canson® wins the prestigious TIPA 2017 Award for the best inkjet photographic paper:  Canson® Infinity Bartya Prestige 340 g/m²

The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) has revealed the winning names for the 27th edition of the TIPA Awards.

Quote from the TIPA 2017 awards panel:

"Canson® Infinity Baryta Prestige is a 340g/m² inkjet paper made from acid-free alpha-cellulose and cotton with a coating containing barium sulphate. It has the aesthetic feel gives it the look and aesthetic feel of traditional darkroom paper 

This is a durable paper that gives a sense of richness and depth to the tonal values and nuances, with a "smooth & glossy" surface that boasts the appearance and sharpness of traditional glossy paper, but without the intense brilliance of gloss papers. Its grammage and durability makes it really easy to work with without preventing it from being suitable for use in al photo inkjet printers on the market."

Canson® Infinity Baryta Prestige 340 g/m²: unique characteristics!​

The paper's features are truly unique giving it excellent durability, outstanding black optical density (D-Max), and exceptional image sharpness.
The paper offers a good level of flatness, excellent surface homogeneity, very good cutting characteristics, and its printed and non-printed surfaces differ only very slightly in glossiness.
Its range of reproducible colours (g) is very large, which improves the visual impact.

About TIPA:

The best image products realeased on the market between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2017 were selected to receive the TIPA 2017 award by a panel consisting of 29 photo magazine editors who are members of TIPA, based in 14 different countries distributed across 5 continents.
Editors belonging to the Association have been selecting the winner of the TIPA award for image products since 1991, with a view to helping amateur and professional photographers make the best decisions when purchasing materials.

The awards ceremony will take place in June 2017 in Tokyo – Japan​

About Canson®

Looking back on a long history in the field of photography, today Canson® is the last pioneering photographic paper manufacturer that is still in business!
In 1865, Canson® filed and acquired an international patent for the improvement of albumen papers, one of the first processes for the production of photographic paper to be developed at the time. This patent consistent of the improvement of the final rendering of the image, while avoiding the costly gold toning process generally practiced when performing the original process.
Today, Canson® retains its spirit of innovation and combines centuries of experience with cutting edge technology in the manufacture of its paper. Canson® favours the use of natural minerals and the purest of materials, without optical brighteners, to provide your with printing materials that are resistant to ageing.  
The papers and canvases within the Canson® Infinity range for photography and digital art publishing deliver unparalleled and durable printing results, as well as optimal chromatic rendering with a large colour gamut, a strong D-Max and excellent image sharpness.