When exhibiting an artistic photo, the quality of the paper is vital if you are to present the lines and the emotions depicted in the photograph in their best light. That said, the mount is also important.
Dibond mounting was developed to provide photographers with a mount with which to exhibit their work that is both rigid and light in weight.

What is a Dibond mount?

Dibond is a trade mark registered by 3A Composites. Since its registration the mention of the brand name has become common place within the photography universe. It consists of a compressed composite panel between two aluminium plates.
For your art prints, you print your photos onto the paper of your choice which can then be stuck onto the Dibond. Thus, you retain all of the properties of the Fine Art paper (feel, appearance, tonality, durability, dynamism of contrasts and colours etc.).
Your photos also benefit from a lightweight and rigid mount that can be easily hung onto various systems.

This is a mount that is seeing increasing use among photography professionals, as it does not alter the quality of the image and enables photographers to exhibit their work much more easily.

What is a shadow box?

The most beautiful works of art deserve a frame that will enhance the content of the image.
A shadow box applies a perfect finish to you photo and can be combined with a Dibond mount, as well as other types of mount. This is a frame that is both discreet and modern and that really enhances your work.
A photo print with a shadow box gives the impression that your image is floating, as the photograph sits a few millimetres from the back of the frame. What's more, the edges of the frame are not stuck to the edge of the Dibond mount. The image can breathe!
Combining a Dibond mount with a shadow box gives your Fine Art photography a top-quality finish. this is a solution that is recommended for professionals who wish to exhibit their work in an art gallery or museum.

To find out more about Dibond mounting and the shadow box frame, do not hesitate to contact your certified Canson® Infinity printer. He or she will be able to provide you with the necessary advice to enable you to show off your work in its best light.

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