Art photography is precious and fragile, both in terms of what it represents and its technique. Once printed, your photos should be handled and stored with the utmost care.
Canson® Infinity gives you advice to ensure that your photographs last as long as possible , allowing you to store or exhibit them without them becoming damaged.

How should you handle your photographs?

  • Wait between 12 and 24 hours after printing before handling the photos;
  • Avoid touching the surface or wear cotton gloves to avoid leaving a mark on the surface of your photos;
  • Do not rub photographs together.

How should you exhibit/store your photos?

  • Do not expose your photos to direct light;
  • If possible, ensure that images on show are protected by UV glass;
  •  Avoid storing or exhibiting your photos in a room in which there are solvents or other paints.
  • Put glassine paper or acid-free silk sheets between each photo when storing them;
  • Store photos in a specially designed storage box with a neutral pH which will protect your images;
  • Use acid-free glues or adhesives specifically for photography.


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