"My favourite medium is the PrintMaKing Rag 310gsm. When a work is produced, it should give the viewer the impression of looking at a real work of art. I have tried many papers from different brands and the PrintMaKing Rag 310gsm produces the best results. It has incredibly density in materials, literally bursting colour, and I feel I am looking at a lithograph printed in the traditional way. I think this is the best compliment you can pay to this paper. The gallery uses Etching Rag 310gsm paper for the photos of certificates of my works."


Marius Zabinski was born in 1956 and began his career as a painter very young, just after completing four years of study at the Warsaw School of Fine Arts. He is remarkably eclectic, with an established pictoral technique in a variety of styles. He is one of the few artists who has always lived from his painting, unlike many others who only become successful late in life. His talent brought him to the notice of a French merchant, who brought him to France in 1980 for several personal exhibitions.


Although Marius Zabinski was pleased by the encouraging results of his first personal exhibitions to the Parisian art public, his secret passion remained the cubist paintings that he painted for his own personal pleasure, without trying to sell them. He felt intuitively that this was probably one of the few areas of painting which was yet to be completely explored and offered opportunities for discovery and creativity.
The cubist paintings in contemporary galleries today are generally inspired by the masters of the genre and these are of limited interest, even if they still have a pleasant decorative function. Marius's work is quite different: it has a distinct personal cachet and his paintings cannot be lumped in with those of another artist. He has himself become a reference in the genre.

His last major exhibition was in New York in 2006. The Retrospective in the Interart gallery was crowned with success and he is now represented by several overseas galleries. Marius Zabinski lives and paints abroad.

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