In an overwhelmingly chaotic world, Southern California based underwater fine art portrait artist Cheryl Walsh finds her inspiration in an atmosphere of peaceful solitude.
In the depths of her underwater studio, she works with the quiet currents that slow down time, bring vibrancy to colors, and leave her subjects virtually weightless. The liquid atmosphere, invisible but ever present in the reflection on the water’s surface, is a mirroring of the duality that personifies life. Her underwater portrait fine art photography is described alternately as old-world painterly and photo-realistic, traditional and surreal. 

Combining the science of working underwater with the art of photography, she utilizes vintage and avant-garde fashion on dancers, models and clients to tell a dream-like story in each of her fine art series. 

"It’s always been my dream to create artwork on a beautiful, textured paper that has a substantial feel and weight to it while still being soft and pleasant to the touch. Both Canson® Infinity Platine and Edition Etching are a perfect match for that desire while being the best papers to showcase my work.

While I really wanted a textured paper, like a watercolour paper with a hand-made feel to it, I found that most textured papers were distorting my subjects' faces. Canson® Infinity Edition Etching delights me because it has that heavyweight feel, yet the texture is subtle enough that it doesn't distort any of the fine details in my images.  Unlike regular watercolour and hand-made, Canson® Infinity papers are created very specifically to hold on to the ink in the specific pattern it was laid onto the paper, thus retaining fine details and accurate colour, while being archival.  
Since my work is different and special, I didn't want to print it on anything other than a medium that fit that description. Canson® Infinity Platine Fibre Rag has the smoother, coated surface that some of my work requires, yet it's not even a "paper" at all.  It's 100% cotton so it maintains that substantial, heavier weight, special feel that I desire.  It holds the deepest blacks and subtle gradations perfectly. It's unique as there is nothing else quite like it on the market.  
For my images that need a little extra punch of brightness I love Canson® Infinity's new Baryta Prestige.  A smooth paper, it has a substantial feel in the hands while giving me a brighter white background to print on.  It produces an almost 3D like effect I've never seen with an inkjet photo paper. The colours are brighter and pop off the page while maintaining the deepest of blacks and bright whites."  


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