"My landscape pictures have to meet a first class standard, as they are exhibited and sold at a very high level. After several tests I selected Canson® Infinity to be my paper of choice, because of the high quality and shelf life.
Platine Fiber Rag is my favourite, for it has a fine structure and a nice soft sheen. If the landscape on the picture asks for a more rough paper pattern I choose one of the other paper types from the Infinity Series and that is also important to me as there are so many different papers to choose from!"

Visual artist Saskia Boelsums was born in the Netherlands and grew up in Iran and Curaçao. In Groningen she attended the art academy Minerva and graduated in spatial and graphic design.
Since 2013 she has fully focused on photography and achieved great success. Subsequently she was asked to participate in photographic exhibitions, and she had many nominations and won a large number of prizes. Saskia has exhibited her work in Amsterdam, London, Berlin and New York.
“As a visual artist and photographer, I carry a rich cultural heritage with me. That is why I feel a strong connection to the Dutch tradition of landscape painters. That rich history helped to shape me. And at the same time it confronts me with the future. In the beauty that I try to capture in my photographs, there is also uncertainty and something threatening. I see the skies become more dramatic, the weather is becoming more extreme with unexpected phenomena, our climate is becoming more violent. It looks like the classic historic Dutch landscapes and skies are being pushed out by landscapes and skies that are the result of climate change. I am very aware of that tension. That is what I capture.”
Her website: www.saskiaboelsums.nl

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