"Canson® Infinity brings my work closer to the perfection I aim for. Each subject’s ambiance and qualities have unique demands. For softer atmospheric images, I prefer the subtlety of Rag Photographique. The strength and clarity of Platine and Baryta impressively deliver the full range of rich dark tones while allowing light areas clarity, enhancing both dynamic and highly detailed images, and naturally encouraging ease of precision and control across the full tonal ranges. I have found no other paper as aesthetically satisfying or technically rewarding"

Kelvin Bown's specialized artistic work in restoring historical images for artistic and culturally evocative presentations resides on the shifting, intersecting, and transfixing edges of human knowledge and art. He methodically and caringly brings back to life the memory of people, places, and ways of life which have begun to recede into the sands of time. His works illuminate past lives and views with clarity and passion. When applied to faded and damaged photos, Kelvin’s creative vision rebirths them through technological expertise and an artistic eye. He combines deep aesthetic sense with a masterful use of keen digital technique to evoke both the smallest details as well as overall harmony of a photograph's composition, sublimity and power. Given the wide variety of damages that photos and negatives survive over many decades and in their traverses long ago between continents, Kelvin treats each image with complete uniqueness, to allow, in whichever way he feels necessary, the subject to come alive again with clarity, detail, depth, and atmosphere.
Some of his most impressive works include huge panoramic images of Jerusalem and Amman compiled from material from several conjoined negatives in which every last visible feature can be clearly seen. His last exhibition documents the diversity of religious co-existence at the turn of the last century in the area of the Holy Land.
He engages work on projects, presentations, and publications involving the restoration and premium presentation of black and white and archival images. His conceptual and documentative exhibitions have been well received by the artistic and historical communities in the Middle East, and the whole range of his work is available as valued decorations in the form of prints and large sized canvas displays. Having concentrated his attention for several years on Middle Eastern subject matter while living in the region for the past 13 years, he is also now shifting his attention to widen his current body of work into the restoration of images from other regions.

When not working on exhibitions, he offers restoration services and prepared images to publishers, museums, archives, projects and individuals, as well as retouching, print optimization and optimal image resizing services to professional photographers.
He is currently based in Jordan

website: www.reawakeningthepast.com
email: sinaicrafts@gmail.com

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