"Landscape photography is a real passion for me. I love to position myself as an observer of nature. I like this feeling of uncertainty, the hope of succeeding to capture the beautiful shot with the exquisite light. Just as important as the quality of my shots is the choice of the media. The quality of the paper is essential because it is the culmination of the whole creative process.
Collaborating with the Canson® Infinity brand is for me more than just a choice of fine art paper. I appreciate its diversity in the choice of textures, grammages, and I can count on the quality of papers to complement my photographic creations. My preferred choice is Canson® Infinity Platine Fiber Rag Paper 310 g / m². "
After graduating from the school "Les Gobelins - School of the image" Paris, Antonio worked in the world of Prepress where he acquired a great experience and in particular, an excellent knowledge of the various processes of the entire graphic process (Reproduction of arts, Photogravure Prepress, Offset, Heliogravure).
With the advent of digital, Antonio began to specialize in post-production processing of digital photography and collaborated with many Parisian communication agencies.
In 2014, he devoted himself fully to his passion for travel photography and moved to Portugal to create his own photo studio. Since then he collaborates regularly with agencies that specialize in communications, travel, and magazine press. In parallel, Antonio offers courses on the mastery of the digital image including shooting, use of Lightroom and digital creation and editing in Photoshop.

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