New features "Canson® Infinity Certified Print Lab" is the international certification that guarantees the "high quality" standard of the work of the printing plants (Photo Laboratories) while ensuring compliance with technical criteria during audits conducted in each laboratory.
"Canson® Infinity Certified Print Lab" enables you to choose the best service provider to produce your Digital Fine Art & Photo print jobs while ensuring constant and impeccable quality at all stages of production.
  • Technical audit:

Our Canson Infinity experts visit a selection of laboratories to ensure compliance with the criteria required for certification. Canson® Infinity reserves the right to issue or withhold the "Canson Infinity Certified Print Lab" certification after the audit results.

  • The benefits of certification:

This certification covers all Fine Art print processes for accredited printers using Canson Infinity paper. The programme aims to maintain excellence in order to help consumers choose a quality print lab approved by Canson® Infinity. The certified laboratory receives customised technical support, training, profiling services, advance product information and a support kit that enables it to certify print runs.

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Wilcovak has operated in the photofinishing market since 1979. Since then we have been searching for the best products in the market to meet the high demands of customers.
Once we have tested the papers of Canson® Infinity we found that we have made a huge step. We discovered that Canson® is the only paper mill that makes all genuine papers free of OBA’s. It is a major reason to use Canson® papers together with the Diasec process.
​W​e use the newest and best printers and always create ICC profiles ourselves. Together with the expertise in our print lab, our clients may expect the best prints imaginable. For us, the certification as “Canson® Infinity Certified Print Lab” shows all that automatically.

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"Canson® cotton papers were my first choice in the last century, when I started my research,  business and love with giclée printing. 
In those early times, there were not coated cotton papers suitable for inkjet printing, yet manufactured. 
In respect to our clients and their works of art, we only work with the best possible supplies at all times and Canson® Infinity is definitely one of them."
Jesús Coll - GraficArtPrints

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"Canson® has just designated us a Canson® Infinity Certified Print Lab, an international distinction certifying that a photography lab or printing workshop produces “high quality” work.
We are proud to be a part of this new recognition from such an important, century-old institution. This label, awarded following an audit, is earned by those labs which properly respect the technical criteria defined by the brand.
At Picto Toulouse, you’ll enjoy the certainty that your images will always be treated with the utmost in care, using Canson® Fine Art paper and made exclusively with inks and on printers approved by Canson®."

Picto Toulouse
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