A professional fine art print is a combination of several elements. 
  • A quality photo paper;
  • Top of the range inks;
  • And the know-how of a professional to skilfully combine the two preceding elements to best show off the photographer's work.

The photo print: a professional ability to recreate emotions ​

The definition of the image is of course checked to ensure that it is good enough for the requested printed size. The photo professional will also know how to make the necessary corrections to an image in terms of colour intensity, luminosity and even contrast, in order to provide, when printing, the best possible restitution of what the photographer actually saw. 
In addition to the photo lab's know-how, the quality of the material it uses will ensure photographs last as long as possible. Several years from now, the colours will maintain their shine and convey the same range of emotions. 

How do you choose a good photo lab for your professional print? 

If you want professional quality photo printing, then finding the right photo lab is key. A true professional will strike up a conversation with photographers to find out more about their projects and the results they want to obtain. The professional will outline the various possibilities available to the photographer: paper qualities, print modes, etc.
A good dialogue is vital, for it is the best way for each professional to value the work of the other.
Canson® Infinity has set up an international certification, the "Canson® Infinity Certified Print Lab", to make it easier to find a photo lab to create your high-end prints. The photographer can therefore be certain that they will obtain a high-quality professional print, high-end materials and professional ink-jet printing.

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