Baryta paper is a special type of photo paper. While artists now largely use digital cameras and inkjet printers, they still want to achieve the same look as a silver print.

Baryta paper: a great way to show off your most stunning pictures.​ 

Our Baryta paper is similar in texture to the baryta paper used for silver prints. It is a high quality medium that will really enhance your images. 
Baryta paper for fine art prints offers a number of qualities that professional photographers and art lovers will appreciate.
Its almost smooth, no-sheen texture brings out the full spectrum of colours and details in the photograph. Professionals will also appreciate the excellent black density of our Baryta paper, making it ideal for black and white images.
It is also pleasant to touch with its pleasing satin finish.
Canson® Infinity has two baryta papers in its fine art digital paper range: Baryta Photographique 310g and Baryta Prestige 340g.

Photos with excellent perennial quality

Baryta paper is highly appreciated by museums and art galleries as it offers excellent print longevity. The white paper allows for some stunning contrasts. 
It really is the preferred paper of photography professionals and lovers of photo art.
Ask your Canson® Infinity printer for advice and more details on the benefits of baryta paper for your fine art photo prints.

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