The authentic quality of products Canson® was praised by leading artists such as Picasso, Chagal, Warhol, Ingres, Miro and Alechinsky. Canson® are still the must for today's artists.

The spirit for innovation has been  at the heart of our brand development for centuries. We mix experience of centuries in papermaking with high end coating technologies, and propose the finest products specifically designed for high demanding artists in digital fine art printing. Canson® chooses the purest raw materials and delivers long lasting, print bases without any artificial brightening agent. 

Specifically designed papers and canvases from the Canson® Infinity range offer unique and stable printing properties. We have optimized the optical density, the black print and the image sharpness. 

Artists and Photographers are offered a wide choice of textures and shades, which will underline their creativity through an exceptional print quality. Our products are available in a wide range on sheet and reel sizes. 

All the Canson® Infinity products, either paper or canvases, are specifically designed for printmaking, art creation and restoration, photo album and certificates,etc. Canson® Infinity is the ultimate choice for high end quality printing from high demanding artist.

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