In photography a canvas is a fabric surface that can be printed on. The English word "canvas" has even become normal usage in the French photographic world.

Canvas: a medium to enhance your photos.

This is a medium on which to print your photos that is more structured than a standard paper. The Canson® Infinity  canvas has heavier weights of  385 g/m2 and 395 g/m2 offering a beautiful texture, like for example the Canvas PhotoArt ProCanvas 395g/m2 .
This is an alternative printing solution for your Fine Art Photos, a way to enhance them. It is a medium that is particularly suited to art reproductions or a way to enhance your photos for a museum or exhibition. It is the material of choice for exacting professionals.

Canvas for professional looking photos

This photo material is pre-primed to ensure that the colour pigments adhere well to the surface. The canvas is generally made of polyester and cotton (called poly-cotton) or, for certain types, 100% cotton, such as the Canvas Museum ProCanvas 385g/m2 . The canvas can be mounted into a wooden frame to give the impression that it is a painting.
Canvas is also more supple. And it is therefore more pliable. But it has certain handling precautions. For example, it is essential to leave it to dry for 24 hours after printing before handling the canvas.
It is also a particularly resistant material and will not get damaged when it is mounted into a wooden chassis.
Canvas is known for its excellent quality. It provides a very good rendering of colours and depth of black.
All the intensity and emotion in the photograph will be reproduced.

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