8 April 2016

Under the Patronage of Mamdouh Bisherat, Duke of Muheibeh. Jasmine House welcomes you to
"Fertile Crescent" - THE SOURCE OF CIVILIZATION - 9th of April 2016 - Amman Jordan
An exhibition of historical images restored by Kelvin Bown. Directed by Sami Haven

Do you realize where you are now?
Do you really know the land you are standing on?

Imagine what would it feel like to wake up one morning and take a horse ride to a beach on the Mediterranean with your friends, a zeppelin over Jerusalem, or take a boat down the Nile to see the Pyramids?
Perhaps you could sail down the Great Euphrates River to see the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? If this vast land had no borders, how far would the landscape run? Where could your feet, horse, camel or boat take you? What foods would you choose to eat? How diverse would the people be that you met?

© Kelvin Bown

Photos taken before its land and society were damaged adversely by the machines, the wars and the attitudes of globalization.

Here we get another perspective of what life was like in a region that flourished in harmony with the environment, which survived by co-operation, managing its water, and trade, and a healthy interaction between peoples and with the land, before the dependency on petrol and the arbitrary walls of today.

Artistic director Sami Haven and restoration specialist Kelvin Bown collaborated on this project to reveal  diverse view of the region as it was in times past, bringing together a fascinating collection of historic images from this region,  known as the Fertile Crescent.
Images  restored from the earliest available source material bring clarity, depth and life  to historical scenes, with the aim to evoke a feeling of what it would have been like to  be  there at that time, and to recreate the atmosphere and essence of times past, stimulating the imagination to recall and consider the roots of the culture we live in today.

We hope that this work will provide inspiration towards restoration of the greater harmony between people and nature that we had here in the past.

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