The history of Canson® and photographic paper is intertwined. Canson® is the last photographic paper manufacturing pioneer still standing! It is with great pride, that we celebrate Canson’s 150 year anniversary of the first photographic paper patent that revolutionized the world of photography. 

Canson® has retained its spirit of innovation by combining centuries of papermaking experience and technically advanced coatings.

Canson® uses natural minerals and the purest materials to offer you age-resistant inkjet papers.

Canson® Inkjet Fine Art Photo papers & canvas present exceptional quality and character combined with stellar printing performance, consistency and value. Canson® Infinity provides a wide colour gamut, High D-Max value, and excellent image sharpness.


Histoire, Expertise and Excellence

Canson® was founded in 1557 and its illustrious history includes the prestigious appointment to Manufacture Royale in 1784 by Louis XVI and the invention of the Air Balloon, made with Canson® paper in 1782.

In 1865, Canson® was granted an international patent for the improvement of albumen paper, the first commercially exploitable method of producing a photographic print on a paper base from a negative. This patent simplified the photo printing process, improved the quality of the print, while making the process less expensive.

In 1892, Canson® earned a "Diplôme d’Honneur", the top award at the International Photography Exhibition.