Since 1850 Canson® has been one of the pioneers in photographic papers. Since that time Canson® has continued to advance the tools that are developed for photographers and printmakers, and today we continue to do so with Canson® Infinity’s state of the art Digital Fine Art papers that feature the finest quality and consistency. Perpetual innovation is part of Canson®’s DNA. 
Driven by these values, Canson® recently launched a new paper with unique and best-in-class features: Canson® Infinity Baryta Prestige 340gsm
Also in October of 2016, Canson® became part of the FILA-Group, the global leader in design, production and marketing of creativity tools and traditional Fine Art products.
Within this global organization, Canson® now has access to more resources for innovation and elite paper mills such as the famous St. Cuthberts paper mill, in Somerset, England which is now producing Canson® Infinity’s mould made paper base for Canson® Infinity Aquarelle Rag, PrintMaKing Rag and Velin Museum Rag.
The papers now feature a more adequate texture that is slightly reduced for high end inkjet printmaking purposes without impairing the paper’s inkjet printability by maintaining an unchanged coating structure. A “New Quality” sticker on the package will be the signal that this is the updated paper. The current ICC profiles remain the same and continue to offer exceptional matte paper optical density and Gamut.