Skink Ink Fine Art Printing

Skink Ink marries the advantages of digital technology and all the opportunities it opens up with the sensibilities, craftsmanship and attention to detail of traditional fine art printing. Those who work here come from many backgrounds and types of training but everyone who works at Skink Ink is an artist. The love of paper, process and image is something we all share. Skink Ink has been working in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the last decade but the roots of the business go back much further than that. To the beginning of our respective training as artists and photographers and everything we have ever learned over the course of a lifetime of making pictures. We are truly a studio in both senses as a work shop for the making of prints and a place of study, constantly working on how we make them better. We offer the widest selection of papers of any fine art print studio, we also mount prints, scan flat artwork and do retouching and colour correction. We work with a wide array of clients from the novice to the accomplished and our prints are regularly seen on the walls of New Yorks Galleries and museums around the world. 

Useful information

Skink Ink Fine Art Printing​
177 N 10th St RM G
Brooklyn, NY 11211​
646 455 3400
Opening Hours : 11 am to 7 pm daily except Sunday