Pixel Perfect Prolab

Pixel Perfect was created by professional photographers for professional photographers. Our obsession with quality is your massive advantage. For example we ONLY run our Lambda printer at 400dpi. Almost every competitor runs theirs at 200 dpi and have the audacity to charge you more for 400 dpi output. We calibrate our machinery obsessively every time we change media (sometimes many times a day) whilst most competitors do so daily, weekly or not at all. Every one of our products is profiled to ICC (International Color Consortium) standards. We don’t just claim that, we back up that claim with a strong 110% money-back guarantee !! We have a dedicated Technical Support team to ensure that you get top quality results from any of our products. Whilst others may seem to have lower prices our unique features make us the most time & cost effective printing service. Adopt our internationally acclaimed strategies and you will get perfect results, first time & every time. And that saves you far more time and money than a seemingly cheaper but lesser competitor! Experience the Pixel Perfect difference once, and you’ll never want to go back to your “fingers-crossed I get good results” supplier. Ask your current supplier if they guarantee colour accuracy, consistency & top quality as we do!

Useful information

90 Abercrombie St
2008 Chippendale
(02) 9319 0455