Memador is a professional photo lab based in Jerusalem, Israel Run by 2nd generation printers, Memador strives to give every image the attention it deserves, from large 3m prints, to small 10x15 postcards. This is reflected in its careful attention to colors - Memador runs a strictly calibrated environment, to ensure each print is as accurate as possible, without ever compromising the artistic concept behind it. Memador also believes in the importance of giving back to the community. That's why people with disabilities work alongside experienced professionals, on every product coming out of Memador's production process. Memador is among Israel's most advanced photo printers, working on a daily basis with the largest museums and galleries in the country, as well as leading professional photographers and organizations. Memador - The art of technology

Useful information

HaOman 1
9342168 Jerusalem
Tel : 1-700-700-762

Opening hours : Sun-Thu, 08:30-17:00