L,a, boutique Fine Art

Who are we ?  L,a,boutique is a pioneering fine art printing lab, offering high-end solutions in the field of Digital Editing, Fine Art Printing, Art Reproduction and Photography related services, hosted in one specially designed and functional space.Our studio reflects our high aesthetics, passion and attention to details. From the paint used on our walls, MUNSEL N9, specifically formulated for editing working spaces, to our strictly controlled light, temperature and humidity conditions of our printing room, we provide the best environment, in addition to the latest technological equipment, specialized softwares, and consistent workflows. Furthermore, we provide a friendly and cosy atmosphere, availability, exclusivity and personalised services to our clients. Finally, the human factor is in the very core of our philosophy.  Expertise, commitment, passion and our intuitive/artistic approach on top makes L,a,boutique a competitive and innovative studio that really stands out!

Useful information

L,a boutique
118 54  ATHENS
+30 210 3424547
+30 694 8804 894

Opening hours
10am to 8pm