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Who are we ?  In the mid 1990′s, Seth Dickerman moved to San Francisco and opened Dickerman Prints, an all-optical custom photo lab. At that time, Dickerman Prints made fiber-based black and white prints to 40″x50”, and type C-prints to 30″x45”. Seth’s enduring love of working with light and photosensitive papers kept him printing in the traditional darkroom until he began experimenting with the digital printing system at Robyn Color, an established San Francisco lab.  Seth purchased their digital printing equipment.    We offer a carefully selected set of Canson Infinity archival papers and canvas designed to provide the very highest quality across a variety of finishes and textures.  Each print is hand-optimized for your selected paper. Our staff draws on decades of photography experience to thoughtfully color and contrast correct, dodge, burn, crop and further adjust your images to bring out their full potential.

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1141 Howard Street 
San Francisco, CA 94103 

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+1 415-252-1300

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