Robert Rodriguez Jr. is an American photographer, specialising in landscape photography. and an ambassador for the Canson Infinity brand.

Robert Rodrigez Jr.; a fan of the Hudson Valley

Having graduated from the prestigious Berklee University in Boston, he worked for nearly 15 years as a producer and arranger. He then changed career to become a landscape photographer.
A huge fan of the Hudson Valley in the state of New York, he loves to survey the shores of the river, photographing the tiny details of the local flora and fauna, as well as wider panoramic shots. 
He has worked for the New York Time and his photographs are often used by Scenic Hudson, an organisation working to preserve the region. He also hosts several conferences and exhibits his work in art galleries.

A photographer who shares his passion 

Robert Rodriguez Jr. is, above all, an enthusiast. He loves nature, he loves his job and, more than anything else, he loves to share his two passions. The artist regularly organises workshops with professionals and amateurs which consist of spending a few days in the wilderness, in the Hudson Valley or in some of America's huge national parks, during which Robert Rodriguez Jr. acts as a mentor, giving advice. As a teacher, he focuses on all aspects: from capturing the shot to printing on paper, not forgetting retouching.
As an ambassador for the Canson® Infinity brand, Robert Rodriguez Jr. pays particular attention to the quality of the photo paper he uses to print his Fine Art photos. It's a medium which allows him to convey the emotions and sensations he felt in the field and which he seeks to rediscover in his photos. He believes that Canson® Infinity photo paper preserves the quality of the image as a whole whilst still focusing on the detail (contrast, detail, brightness, etc.). 

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