Tommy Lei Transforming my evocative images into fine art print is an essential part of my creative process here at the studio. Having direct access to some of the most prestigious papers from the Canson Infinity printing house truly makes my prints sing with the highest of vibrations, textures and stories. The gravitas of Platine Fibre Rag to the delicious sheen of the Baryta Photographique II Gloss are unparalleled in archival and print quality. Seeing these prints framed and hung in the homes of my collectors or at an exhibit really brings this full-circle experience to life. Canson Infinity papers imbue my prints with a sense of timelessness and vividness that encourages appreciation and interaction. 

Tommy Lei (b. 1988) is a lens-based artist and fine art photographer known for his unique perspective in capturing life's authentic beauty.
As an immigrant adolescent from Hong Kong to California, he developed a profound appreciation for finding beauty and belonging, which he skillfully translates into his captivating photographs.

Tommy's photography seamlessly combines artistry with storytelling. His meticulous eye for detail and strong grasp of composition yield images that not only showcase visual beauty but also convey deep emotions and narratives. A distinctive hallmark of Tommy's style is his ability to uncover beauty in the everyday. He possesses a natural talent for transforming ordinary moments into visual poetry that resonates with audiences. Through his lens, he captures the essence of fleeting moments, discovering hidden gems in the mundane, often exploring the feeling of homecoming amid isolation or stark settings.

Delving into themes of insecurity, isolation, and vulnerability, Tommy infuses his images with a glimmer of hope, evoking a sense of renewal. Each piece is carefully printed on archival Canson papers, ensuring a tangible representation of the emotions it conveys.
Tommy's compositions serve as a form of meditation, capturing the fluidity of time and encouraging us to cherish the present moment. Experience the world through his lens and let his photography transport you to a place of calm, harmony, and balance.

Currently, he proudly serves as a member of the Pasadena Society of Artists and is an ambassador for Canson Infinity.