My photos stem from my imagination: the photo shooting and the post-production are just a part of my creative process. I can feel my idea as totally fulfilled only when I see the printed image.

I have been using the Canson® papers since I started to print in the darkroom. Degas, Picasso and Warhol would use them as well and that has always made me feel special. The versatility of these papers make them suitable for any top-quality photography project.

I always want to be sure that my photos are bright and they can be preserved in the best possible way, without any alteration over the years: that
s why Canson® Infinity’s Baryta Prestige is one of my favourites”.
Italy-based international photographer and high-end retoucher. Marianna Santoni is a worldwide acclaimed Photoshop expert and she has won many top awards:

● First Italian photographer to be welcomed as “Canson® Infinity Ambassador” (2018)
● The sole Italian woman to be welcomed as “Elinchrom®Ambassador Photographer” (2017)
● The sole Italian photographer to be honored by the Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs for her merits and achievements in the book “Merito al femminile” (2010)
● The sole European woman to be welcomed as “X-Rite Coloratti®Master” (2009)
● First Italian woman to be elected “Best Adobe® Guru” by Adobe® (2006)
● First European woman to be welcomed as “Wacom®Evangelist” in (2005)
● The sole Italian woman to be selected as “Adobe® Guru on Digital Imaging” by Adobe® (2004)
University professor and with over 100 official training events as relator for Adobe®, Canon®, Nikon®, Fujifilm®, Hasselblad®, Wacom® X-Rite®, National Geographic®, Epson®, Elinchrom® and more.
● Forensic photography advisor for the Italian Army and Presidency of the Council of Ministers
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