Based out of the town of Jacksonville in Florida, photographer Susan Michal has managed to build a reputation as a portrait photographer. Baby, wedding and family photos, or of any of life's major stages... Whether in her studio or out and about, the artist manages to capture the looks and expressions perfectly, preserving them forever in her photographs.

Susan Michal: from music to photography

The Florida-based artist began her career as a musician. For almost 20 years she travelled the United States playing music and singing. It was upon walking into a pawnbroker's store that she decided on a whim to buy herself a camera. "At the end of the first roll of film I knew that it was my thing."
She began her career focusing on still life, on flowers in particular, which she shot at all stages of their life cycle: from buds to wilted flowers. Then she also began directing her attention towards portraits, with a view to rediscovering the human aspect that she enjoyed in her work as a singer. "When you play music you are continually in touch with the public. Photography is the logical next step," explains Susan Michal, who is now the President of Professional Photographers of America. She is recognised by her peers, in particular on account of her values, which she acquired as a result of her work in music, but which can be perfectly applied to the world of artistic photography.

Canson® Infinity products to show of her work in its best light

Susan Michal has chosen Canson® Infinity papers on which to print her photographs, whether for the portraits that she sells to her clients or for her exhibitions. These products allow her to really emphasize colour, but also to achieve deep blacks, which are extremely important, especially for her "Flowers in Transition" exhibition. The emotions of major moments in life, the atmosphere felt at each photo shoot - so specific and unique... Susan Michal needed the suitable media on which to recreate them.

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