Canson® Infinity Photo Lustre Premium wins the TIPA Awards

«The quality of an inkjet print is of course dependent on the skill of the printmaker and the content of the image, but having a paper that will deliver optimal results can be just as important. 
Canson® Infinity Photo Lustre Premium RC 310gsm offers a flexible and sturdy weight of 310 gsm (grams per square meter) that does not pose challenges to most inkjet printers feeds yet delivers a print that will mount well and will not be easily damaged during handling. 
It consists of an alpha cellulose acid-free paper base coated with a structure polyethylene and a microporous receiver layer, and is compatible with both dye and pigmented inkjet printers. 
The combination of an extra-white base and stunning lustre finish brings out the best in colour and monochrome images».
Canson® Infinity Photo Lustre Premium RC