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Body representation in the photographic work of Ulrich Lebeuf

The photographer

Ulrich Lebeuf is a French photographer, born in 1972, who conducts workshops in France as well as abroad, and who is the artistic director of the MAP Photography Festival in Toulouse. He is a member of agence MYOP and his work has been published in many newspapers and magazines. Usually, he records situations of conflict or power with a frontal and documentary approach.

His work has been the subject of exhibitions and screenings, including "AZF" at the Art and Architecture Centre of Toulouse (2003), "Modern Violence" at the Terre d’images festival in Biarritz (2004). His series "Ère de jeux" (The Playground) and "En attendant mon tour” (Waiting my turn) were presented at the opening of the Rencontres de la photographie in Arles (2006), the galerie du Château d’eau in Toulouse, the Maison Européenne de la Photographie and at la Villette in Paris (2007).
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The photographer on his work

« I’m an autodidact who works viscerally, which seems to me a token of sincerity. Alternating between press assignments and more artistic projects, I believe that one sustains the other and stimulates my thinking. Starting on a new venture, I reflect on the means that will best fit my discourse. It has to do with instinct and must be of service to the work. For me, it is necessary to experiment different techniques but, nevertheless, my production is coherent in spite of the various approaches. » 

The exhibition

The ACPCH, Association du Centre pour la photographie du Château de l’Hom, is proud to present a corpus of images belonging to the different series Ulrich Lebeuf has completed during his career.

The selection tells of his production over a period of some twenty years. It is intended to underline, at the same time, the constants in the approach to the subjects’ body and the variety of contexts and techniques.

Bodies, naked or dressed, are very present in Ulrich Lebeuf’s work arousing emotions and giving clues to the subjects’ social status. Tattoos and clothes are treated by the photographer in a way to express efficiently the personality or convictions of his models.


The entrance to the exhibition hall of the Centre pour la photographie is located 15 rue du Tison in Gaillac, Tarn, France

The prints were made on traditional Arches supports (Arches Aquarelle Satin 640gsm) and on Canson infinity Platine Fibre Rag 310 g

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Exhibition Ulrich Lebeuf : "Corpus"

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