All the elements of the graphic chain do not reproduce the colors in the same way. 
Let us take the following example : an image is edited with a software and visualized on a RGB screen (additive color synthesis), then printed on paper using the CMYK mode (or substractive color synthesis). If both stages are not efficiently color managed with the help of profiles at every step, the printed result will be unbalanced.

We advise you strongly to regularly calibrate and update the ICC profile of your screen, as the latter is key for a good color management.
You can use an ICC profile with a photo editing software (eg Photoshop - 'soft proofing' option) and visualise the final shade on a calibrated screen - this will give you exactly the same result as the printed material.

Some other parameters may influence the colorimetric result : for example, pay special attention to the nozzles of the printing heads and check / clean according to the OEM recommendations.

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