The downloaded ICC profile should be stored in a specific file from your operating system, so that the printing software can make use of it.

After downloading, we advise you to get the ICC profile out of the file 'downloaded' into one of the following:
for Mac Operating systems . Mac OS X: /Library/ColorSync/Profiles allows all users to use them. An alternative area, for users without admin privileges, is /Users//Library/ColorSync/Profiles. Windows (all versions): \Windows\system32\spool\drivers\color The Mac OS will ask you to validate, when moving the .icc file form your download folder. Simply use your password.

Expert tip : on the recent Windows versions, you can automatically store the profiles by a right click on the profile, then choose the option 'install profile' from the menu.

We advise you to re-start the photo editing software, in order to activate the profile.

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